Power your car with Water  
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Can Water be used as a Fuel?

Water is the most abundant resource on the planet. What if we were able to tap that source and turn it into a fuel? Well with our unit, that's exactly what we can do.

HFS-1: The HFS-1 produces Hydrogen from water. It uses a well known process called electrolysis to breakdown the water into Hydrogen and Oxygen. Our unit is different than others that are advertising on the internet. The HFS-1 can use only a small amount of electrolyte to generate the Hydrogen due to its efficiency..

How it works: When the user turns on the key, the Power Control Unit turns on the HFS-1 Hydrogen Gas generator. The electricity produces gas from the water. The gas goes through the bubbler and into the engine where it mixes with the gasoline prior to combustion. By adding Hydrogen to the gasoline (hydrogen boost) it helps the gas burn more completely thereby increasing your fuels combustionability. The Hydrogen gas burns clean, the by product is water. The benifits are many including, cleaning your engine, raising fuel economy, and more importantly saving you money at the pump.

Once installed you will notice your engine will start running smoother, consume less gas, and is expected to extend the life of your engine.

The answer to the environment: Hydrogen does not create harmful green house gases like gasoline does. When Hydrogen burns, it burns clean, with a portion returning back to water.

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