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  Power Control Unit (PCU) $200

The PCU is the brains of the system. It senses when the engine is running and turns the unit on. Also using Pulse Width Modulation it maintains the current draw at a steady rate based on your needs. This prevents the unit from overheating. With the PCU installed, you can have full production even when the unit is cold, and continue to produce full production after it warms up. Although you can run the HFS-1 unit without the PCU, there is a risk of a runaway reaction that can cause you to blow fuses, etc. We highly recommend using a Pulse Width Modulator for your HHO projects.

Power Control Unit PCU-2    
  50 Amp Relay

This relay will handle most of your needs with automotive HHo installations. Need more amps? Use more relays. Two Relays can handle up to 100 Amps if used in Parallel.


50 Amp Relay    
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